Our Approach

At Graytech, our approach is to understand the goals of your specific project. For documentaries, we will work with you to research the project subject, interview subject(s), available archival documentation, project length, and other goals you are interesting in achieving. You will be a partner in the process, and our goal is to create a project we both can feel proud of completing.


For family histories, we will work with you to arrive at an interview script to the individual or individuals who form the core of the family history. Archival materials will be collected, and these materials will be weaved into the production to help tell the whole story.

Non Profit organization and web advertisements are produced after an in depth interview with the project principals. The final offering blends video, stills, as well as voiceovers and music where applicable, to tell a complete story. The result will be avaliable on your website, with your keywords, to draw potential clients to see your message or advertisement.